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Our Company

Low Pressure Sodium Lamps Manufacturer

QS Lighting (Taizhou Qianshun Tech Co, Ltd.) was founded in 2016 in partnership with the research team at Chinese Academy of Sciences with a vision of developing high quality yet affordable Low Pressure Sodium Lamps/SOX Lamps in China.

We are now the only manufacturer in China that produce SOX lamps, control gears such as electronic/inductance ballasts and igniters, as well as LCD check lamps.

QS Lighting Buildings.jpeg

Our Story

We’re conveniently located at the Yangtze Delta Institute of Tsinghua University in Taizhou, Zhejiang, supported by the institute’s finest talents and world leading technology. 


Taizhou is also only two hours away from The Port of Shanghai and one hour away from the Port of Ning Bo by high-speed train. The proximity to both shipping ports allows fast shipping to our clients around the globe.

We’ve invested over 4 million USD in developing our own proprietary technology in making SOX lamps since 2016.


Our annual production capacity is 300,000+ lamps. And we continue to upgrade our equipment and expand our production capacity. We’ve also established a distribution network around the globe with Europe as our biggest market. At the moment, our lamps are sold directly by us or through our distributors to over 15+ countries, including France, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Australia, etc.


At QS Lighting, customers are our highest priority. We provide guided factory tours, product samples, customized packaging and delivery service. What truly sets us apart is the combination of the commitment to our customers, competitive prices, high-quality products, and a worry-free purchasing experience.

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